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TXT - minisode 3: TOMORROW (Wevese Album)

TXT - minisode 3: TOMORROW (Wevese Album)

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Introducing TXT - minisode 3: TOMORROW, the latest addition to their Weverse Album collection. Experience their music like never before with the unique QR album version. Unwrap the album and scan the QR code for an interactive, one-of-a-kind experience. Own a piece of TXT's playful and charming world today.

Release Date:

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What's Inside

-Envelope : 151×111 (mm) / 1ea 2ver
-Card Holder : 145×105 (mm) / 1ea 2ver
-Sticker : 55×55 (mm) / 1ea
-Stamp Sticker : 34×124 (mm) / 1ea
-Photocard A : 55×85 (mm) / Random 1ea of 5ea
-Photocard B : 55×85 (mm) / Random 1ea of 5ea
-QR Card : 55×85 (mm) / Random 1ea of 3ea
-User Guide : 65×90 (mm) / 1ea 2ver


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