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Stray Kids - 1st Album Repackage - [IN LIFE] (Standard)

Stray Kids - 1st Album Repackage - [IN LIFE] (Standard)

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Release: September 15, 2020

- Package
- CD-R
- Photodard : Random 2 out of 33
- Postcard : Random 1 out of 2


1. 토끼와 거북이
2. Back Door *타이틀
3. B Me
4. 아니 (Any)
5. 미친 놈 (Ex)
6. We Go (방찬, 창빈, 한)
7. Wow (리노, 현진, 필릭스)
8. My Universe (승민, 아이엔 Feat. 창빈)
9. 神메뉴
10. Easy
11. Pacemaker
12. 비행기
13. 일상
14. Phobia
15. 청사진
16. 타
17. Haven

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